Sanya Forest Wetland Park
    A valley landscape within a series of amalgamated and disparate plots of land posits an opportunity for the surrounding strata residential clusters to be stitched together as a cohesive whole.
    Hangzhou West Creek Tower
    The design continues the verticality of its facade design metaphor of a 'bamboo forest' to create a natural and quiet oasis.
    Jiangmen Cultural Playscape
    A landmark park abstracting the famous 'Bird Paradise' as an overiding theme to create a new playscape where ecology and urbanity coexists.
    Beijing Dongshan Condominium
    A series of open & intimate landscape nodes & courtyards is weaved together into a wonderful journey of discovery.
    Yang Mansion Gallery
    This pocket park serves as a restful alfresco deck out and a precursor to the future commercial development gateway.
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    Zhengzhou Vanke Central Plaza
    The Central Plaza continues a dynamic design language established with Arrival Square launched in 2013.
    Goodlink Garden
    An experiment in creating a raw landscape resembling rammed earth in quiet contrast to a humble black & white house.
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    Zhengzhou Vanke City Gallery
    A series of elevated landforms cut and construct a topography to augment a flat site into an ever-changing experience.
  • chengdu-angsana-thumb
    Chengdu Angsana City Club
    Conceptualizing the arrival experiences to this massive resort and club development is the main design focus for the urban resort.
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    The Wall House
    Sight lines expand and are layered repeatedly, culminating in a complex sense of spatial depth within The Wall House.
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    Taman Gajah Air
    Designed as a secret garden in the deep forest on Hong Kong island, this is the perfect retreat from the glittering metropolis.
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    Zhujiajiao Angsana Resort
    The landscape narrative orchestrates atmospheres based on scenes from a renowned Chinese Opera - The Peony Pavilion.
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    One City Residences
    A residential landscape language echoing a minimalist yacht aesthetic and rolling hills opposite its shores.
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    Wenjiang Banyan Tree Gallery
    Designed with a modern Chinese aesthetic, the gallery abstracts a traditional motif found in Chen Mansion built in 1864.
    Asimont Villas
    Designed as a holistic experience of the senses at home, Asimont Villas is an intimate cluster of houses perched on top of Barker Hill.


    Hong Kong Mid-Levels Apartment
    This interior revamps a 25 year old apartment in Mid-Levels to a reductive modern Japanese retreat on the Hong Kong island.
  • Jiulong Yiyun 269 Show Villa
    Melrose Hill Villa
    A deliberate breakup of a classical volumetric house typology for better connectivity, both visually and spatially, with a modern aesthetic.
    Goodlink Residence
    Monochromatic tones harking back to a colonial black & white house maintain consistency throughout this interior.
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    The Bachelor Pad
    This apartment personifies urban living where space constraints are acute and hiding the clutter is paramount.
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    Rumah Gajah Air
    Designed as a humble forest retreat, Gajah Air is an alteration of a dilapidated hut with a magnificent sea view.


    Kunming Brand Gallery
    A collection of pavilions that abstract traditional planning, massing and elements of the Yunnan vernacular into a contemporary classic.
    The Goodlink
    An exercise at increasing the bulk of an existing villa with a facade update in an old private estate.
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    The L House
    The family house dissects the living patterns of every individual in the household to reconfigure a new layout with age old habits.
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    Villa Gajah Air
    A humble rural seaside retreat in a thick jungle, this modern hut stands as a complete antithesis to the urban living on Hong Kong island.
  • faber-thumb
    The Faber House
    An experiment at deconstructing a typical corner terrace house in Singapore for a multi-tiered family.


    Chengdu Angsana Park
    A park abstracting the local aesthetic of Sanxingdui artifacts to generate a sinuous land art with a cultural milieu.